13 Aug

Making Smart Choices in Your Video Marketing Campaign

Have you ever wondered why many video marketing campaigns have failed while many others have succeeded? It all boils down to making smart choices in relation to your video marketing strategy from setting smart goals to making smart adjustments based on real-time customer feedback. Here’s how.

#1 Setting Goals

Goals are guideposts for everybody connected to the marketing videos (i.e., producer, anchor and distributor to online sites). You must then set smart – read: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound – goals for each video. You have several choices in this regard including:

• Produce several distinct videos that fit into your overall video marketing campaign such that each video addresses a specific goal

• Produce different versions of a single video (i.e., different approach, similar message) to appeal to different segments of the market

Indeed, the best video marketing strategy has clear goals that everybody on board should understand and, hence, work toward their achievement.

#2 Making the Call to Action

Obviously, the contents of marketing videos should catch and then hold the interest of their target viewers. But it is the call to action that will ultimately determine whether your target viewers will become your actual customers. Your videos must then have strong call to actions that will guide viewers about the next step – to click on a link in the video or description, to subscribe to the channel or to a mailing list, to buy the products, to download a game, or to enter a contest, for example. Your video marketing campaign should not leave it up to the viewers about their next step because you are losing out on great opportunities.

#3 Making the Videos

Admittedly, many viral videos have become popular despite their amateur production but when it comes to marketing videos, you cannot afford to be seen as amateurish. Your target viewers will appreciate a good production from casting to editing for obvious reasons and, hence, be more motivated to take the desired action. Your production costs will be justified by the relatively high-quality videos that will bring in more customers to your business. Your bottom line will be better for it then.

#4 Distributing the Videos

Video sharing sites, social networking sites, and official business websites are the obvious choices for hosting and posting the finished marketing videos. Keep in mind that social media support and public relations support are musts in an effective video marketing strategy.

Of course, the best video marketing campaign has an evaluation process wherein the videos are assesses based on their effectiveness in goal achievement. You can then implement appropriate adjustments when and where necessary.

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