29 Oct

Top 5 Mistakes Rookie Network Marketers Make on Facebook

Business needs Facebook these days to develop a deeper connection with current customers and to keep their brand on peoples minds. The question is how you can do it the right way?

Every company and product should approach Facebook with their own little twist. The great thing about Facebook is that you can pay for advertising to drive traffic or develop your own following.

The worst mistake you can make is to market from your main Facebook page. Develop a fan page to make offers to your friends. You can make a page for each product or just one for your entire brand. Marketing from your Facebook main page will get you banned with no second chances.

The second mistake that people make when starting out is updating too much. You will not want to post over twice daily, more than that and people will quite listening to what you have to say. When speaking to them always add value with your updates and they will keep listening. Don’t post if you are not sure about the value to your customers.

In business training we all learn to follow the numbers. With social media it is not about the quantity of friends. You want quality friends. The quality friends will take your post and spread the word. It is the best kind of marketing a company can enjoy.

The third mistake you need to be aware of is no marketing post to your friends. I know your saying to yourself what is the point then. The best companies offer value by posting stories about the benefits of their product. How it solved a problem for a certain customer. New advances in their industry. Latest product development news. These are just some of the things you should talk about use your imagination.

The fourth mistake is weekend silence. I’m not saying that you need to spend hours on the weekend posting to Facebook. You do need to respond to your friends daily including the weekends. Let them know that you are there for them.

The fifth and I consider this the biggest mistake is censorship. If you receive a negative comment or post don’t ignore or delete it. Use the post to show the world that you care about your customer. Deal with the issue in a timely manner. Remember your customers are watching how you treat someone who has a problem with your company. Use it to show them how great you are.

Facebook is not rocket science but can be a little bit tricky for the company breaking new ground. Follow these tips and you will reap the rewards of a new revenue stream for your company.

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