1 Oct

Facebook Affiliate Marketing – Why it Works So Well

Affiliate marketing works so well on Facebook, mainly because of the demographics you can target. Essentially, you can target your ads to be shown only to the people that you select. For example, lets say you were promoting a dating offer that featured a nice looking woman on the landing page. The offer itself is geared to entice males to sign up, so through Facebook you could select your ad to be seen only by guys targeting certain age groups and or geographic locations.

Before you place your ads on Facebook, you must determine what the demographic of your affiliate offer is. This is done very simply by going to the Google ad planner and typing in the “url” of the offer you’re promoting. Select by country and then you can see who your target audience is. Now that you are armed with this information, you can plug that into Facebook when you set up the campaign.

Many companies from local to international also use Facebook not in terms of selling but for branding purposes. Businesses have found out that instead of traditional advertising on billboards or other public areas, that Facebook provides a willing, attentive market. Also it is much easier to track and control a campaigns effectiveness on a social network opposed to a banner on the outside of a bus.

Facebook advertising is easy to set up and it is based on the pay per click model – you only pay when someone clicks your ad. By going to their interface you can add your campaign, set your budget and wait for approval which normally takes less than a day. Once your ad is live you can monitor your costs and adjust the amount you are paying per click accordingly.

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