20 Aug

Advantages of Working With a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer

The Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer Program, formerly Preferred Developer Consultant Program aims to help developers build products that make social marketing easier and more effective. Development firms chosen to this program are given PMD Badges based on their area of excellence.

The four PMD Badges are for Pages (Post scheduling and targeting, moderation,

permission-ing, and other tools to manage Facebook Pages), Ads (Advanced ad creation, campaign management, and reporting capabilities), Apps (Services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations – customized or self service), and Insights (Page and post analysis, benchmarking, KPI tracking, and other tools for measuring performance across Facebook objects).

Social marketing is different from traditional marketing and it requires a special set of skills to make your brand’s presence felt online. Choosing the right partner can make all the difference. You need a partner who can not just strategize but also execute well while also adhering to Facebook guidelines.

Working with a Preferred Marketing Developer is different from working with a regular applications developer. Since PMDs are chosen after an exacting selection process, there are many advantages of working with one:

• Better Quality: Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers are different from other development firms in their ability to understand social media and the various possibilities Facebook Platform offers. Companies that are PMDs have developed several popular Facebook applications, managed brand pages and developed highly engaging Facebook tools.

• Excellent Policy Compliance: PMDs develop applications that are policy compliant and are compatible with all major browsers. They take full advantage of Facebook’s APIs and Platform, and incorporate plug-ins and other tools leaving no room for technical snags. So there’s no threat of your campaign being suspended or removed on grounds of policy violation.

• Optimum Support for Apps: Facebook keeps coming up with new social features, policies and promotion guidelines. Companies in the PMD Program get additional support from PMD representatives. This helps them develop and support apps that do not break when Facebook introduces changes to the Platform.

• More Creative Freedom: If you have an innovative application idea or a campaign that integrates Facebook with different media such as TV or digital hoardings, a PMD can discuss its possibilities with the PMD Program team and come up with solutions that suit you best.

If you are looking to expand your network through engaging Facebook activities, look for Preferred Marketing Developers who have interesting apps and campaigns to their credit. The experience of working with a PMD will definitely be more rewarding.

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