7 May

How Video Marketing Is Impacting Businesses In 2018

One marketing avenue in particular that you have probably seen being touted as the fastest growing and most important areas to focus on every year is video marketing. There has been good reason for this. Way, way back in 2015, for example, on Facebook alone, video playback each day doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion over the course of just 5 months from April to September. Fast forward a year to 2016, and 96% of B2B companies were using video in content marketing, with over three quarters saying it had positively impacted marketing ROI.

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2 Jan

How To Survive the Winter Marketing Lull

Once the massive rush and buzz of the holidays have passed, we all feel that sense of tiredness that often comes in January, when the rest of winter seems to stretch out endlessly, like spring will never arrive.

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4 Dec

Social Media Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Now that we are in the last month of the year, it can only mean that the holidays are very nearly upon us. People up and down the country start entering into the festive spirit, decorating their homes and getting more and more excited.

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28 Nov

Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Running a successful marketing campaign is all about keeping up to date, and with the current rate of changing technology  keeping up to date is  not only more important than ever, it is also harder than ever to effectively do. 

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3 Oct

How to Use Snapchat for Your Business

When discussing your social media marketing strategies, does your business mainly focus on the behemoths of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Your answer is probably yes, and understandably so, given how massive “the big 3” are. However, you will soon be missing out if you don’t start using Snapchat - and the unique opportunities it presents – to market your business.

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1 Sep

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Many businesses may still consider mobile marketing as something that they don’t have to worry about yet. It’s on their radar, but there are more important marketing methods that need to be focused on, like email marketing and SEO.

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2 Aug

The Benefits of Having an App for Your Business

Once upon a time, it seemed that only the huge businesses like Amazon or Walmart needed a dedicated mobile app, whilst everyone else could get by with more traditional methods. However, it is clear that this is no longer the case, as businesses of every size are building their own mobile apps – and they are getting results.

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